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Why Clare ?

What My Clients Say

Clare has a brilliant ability to cut through what can seem messy and “hard to define” work problems and identify what the real issues are, and then offer really practical support in tackling those issues. Sometimes it is as simple as a few key words and strategies to use in difficult meeting situations. At other times, her objectivity will bring a genuine self-esteem boost after a bout of imposter syndrome! Clare has the knack of being able to put herself in “your” work situation and really empathise with what is going on for you – emotionally and professionally. With Clare’s support you feel as though you are more able to be the best version of your work self. 

Director, Arts/Charity sector

Under Clare’s mentoring, my business has grown significantly and her guidance has been a big factor. I have gained confidence in my abilities, a focus for the business and a good friend.

Clare has a great way of questioning and querying my thought processes and my goals. If she feels that I am not being honest or true to my aims, then she will not hesitate to raise an objection and suggest a different pathway. She is incredibly insightful and sometimes knows me better than I know myself!”

Managing Director, Service Industry

My experience with Clare has far exceeded what I expected from a Coaching relationship.  She has challenged and supported me on a wide range of professional issues for the last 18 months, in a way that has allowed me to re-frame challenges and successfully tackle them with a fresh perspective and focus.   There have been both the "light bulb" moments, as well as a longer term, slow and steady improvement to personal challenges.  The structure that regular coaching gives to the knotty issues, as well as Clare's ability to help me navigate my way through them has delivered real benefits to my professional relationships, self-confidence and credibility within my organisation.   I have recommended Clare to others because the clarity and confidence she gives me is invaluable.

Head of Department, Travel Industry

I have had the pleasure of working with Clare for 6 months and have been inspired by her brilliance of mind coupled with her warmth of heart. She can integrate complex thinking and processes and bring simplicity and clarity to it. She is intuitive, insightful, thoughtful and truly dedicated to her clients and their potential. She is very natural, authentic and down to earth.

CEO and Founder

I asked Clare to help me on my journey from Deputy to Director of Finance within 2 years in what is a busy and complex organisation.  

I found the support and constructive challenge from Clare just what I needed in helping me understand the transition in approach and thinking required. Thinking strategically as opposed to purely operational was not a natural progression for me, but with Clare’s experience and knowledge, I had several light bulb moments when everything clicked into place.  Her technique of teasing out solutions to carefully worded and directed questioning was impressive and taught me to think differently about a whole variety of work situations.

As a result of the coaching I became a Director of Finance within 12 months, something I would not have achieved without Clare’s help.  

Two years later I was the title of Finance Director of the Year in my region.  I’m certain I would not have achieved this without Clare’s help and cannot thank her enough.

I whole heartedly recommend coaching with Clare.  She is practical, full of energy and gets the desired outcome, and more,  for her clients!   

Finance Director Not for Profit

Clare is a great sounding board and provides useful challenge to help me clarify the way forward.

She puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and is passionate about helping others. She really is one of the most supportive people I know!

Founder Director Service Industry

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